Fall 2016 Newsletter

- Marietta McCarty's Fall 2016 newsletter includes upcoming events in Virginia and North Carolina, recent blogs, and photos from gatherings with fellow philosophers.

Winter 2016 Newsletter

- Marietta McCarty's Winter 2016 newsletter includes information on book events and blogs, her Communal Lunch and Dinner Tables and upcoming June Workshops.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

- Marietta McCarty's Fall 2015 newsletter includes information on upcoming events in Charlottesville and Waynesboro, Va., and Cincinatti, Ohio. The newsletter shares a comment from reader Jack McClenahan. It also includes her two most recent blogs, photos from Spring and Summer events, news regarding her website and more.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

- Marietta McCarty's Spring 2015 newsletter includes an upcoming event to benefit Project Grows in Waynesboro and two new blogs written since her last newsletter. It also includes a video link to her Parenting Now interview with Entheos and registration information for her popular summer workshop series. We also share photos from events over the last three months with Marietta.


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