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Little Big Minds: Reader Comment Highlights


“I run an office in Beijing with 105 employees. I had the idea of buying a Chinese copy of the book for each of the staff members that have had a baby this year. My ‘between the lines’ message to the staff is that I want them to balance their professional and personal lives. The most important and most noble work that many of them will do is to raise their child well. The young Chinese engineers have a work ethic similar to what I saw in the US tech boom. They work very hard and tend to put their work and career first. I have seen how putting work first is bad for families, individuals, and for the company. Trying to stay human in a boom has its challenges. I wish you had been teaching philosophy when I was in kindergarten and college.”
Steve Beatrous, Fan from North Carolina

“Despite the old saying ‘You cannot judge a book by its cover,’ the reader will immediately be attracted to Little Big Minds because of its appearance. The child on the front captivates your attention; the Greek writing on the authentic chalkboard tempts you to decipher what’s inside; and delving into all the pages between the cover results in a quest to know more, do more, BE more. The book is quite literally a how-to on teaching philosophy. It is filled with discussion questions, resources, exercises, teaching tips and suggestions, and is structured very much like a well-written lesson plan. The content of the book, the anecdotes sprinkled throughout the text, and the sheer passion with which this book was written is truly an inspiration to the reader. Perhaps what is most striking is that talking about philosophy, teaching philosophy, and practicing philosophy can truly shape or even change our everyday lives; Little Big Minds shows us exactly how to make it happen. Quite simply, this book inspires; it is a must-have; it grabs your attention from the moment you see it and leaves you thinking about it long after you have finished reading it.”
Anne Carter, Charlottesville, Virginia

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How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: Reader Comment Highlights


“I come from Slovenia (Europe) and currently live and work as a translator and interpeter in Pittsburgh. … I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the book so much that I decided to translate it into Slovene as a Christmas present for my parents (they don’t know that yet, of course). It’s been hard: the book is written so beautifully that it made my project more than challenging, I’ve been working on it since April!) but I am now at the last chapter… can’t wait to share it! As a former South Slavic and American Studies student, I know how humanities are not appreciated outside university, considered to be ‘a waist of time’ just because their primary goal is not making money; so I think it’s wonderful how you showed that they can in fact change your life, save it even… and yeah, I’m a reader, and your book is so well-written, not to mention funny, it’s a pleasure to read… S hvaleznostjo! [With gratitude!]”

Stina Gorsic, Slovenia

“There is a line in the book Hurricane by James Hirsh that sometime you do not find a book, it finds you. Well, your wonderful book How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas that Matter Most found me and I hope it continues to land on the laps of others looking for the wisdom, inspiration, and wealth of resources contained in it. Each chapter lifts you up with straight-forward simple truth presented in flowing prose laced with gems from ancient and modern philosophers. While all the chapters are great, ‘Empathy,’ touched me deeply, especially your words: ‘Acts of empathy lift our burdens, shining new light on lusterless days. Though we parade about in different bodies, we all know salty tears, anxious hearts, drained spirits, and weary footsteps. Empathy acknowledges this sameness; while it requires a leap out of my life and exposes me to your pain, empathy fine-tunes my heartstrings.’ (page 134). This brilliant quote is a just a taste of the richness in the beautifully written treasure.”

Frank Riley, Chula Vista, California

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The Philosopher’s Table: Reader Comment Highlights


“You could say my life has been a succession of big dinners enjoyed with as many of my friends and family that can be squeezed around the table—all eating, talking, and laughing. I have sometimes wondered which part I enjoy the most. Is it the tasty meal, the flowing wine, or the boisterous conversation that so often ensues as a result of the first two elements? Marietta McCarty goes at it rather brilliantly from another angle, encouraging you to put the lively conversation first. Choose a philosophical topic from her book, and it comes matched with a dinner menu and music list. Invite a few friends, neighbors, and colleagues, and voila! Welcome to the first seating of your own Philosophy Dinner Club.”

Tom Douglas, Executive Chef, Restaurateur, And Author

“In The Philosopher’s Table Marietta McCarty serves up big ideas in delicious, easily digestible nuggets, while making the world’s most revered philosophers utterly real and relatable. A knowledgeable philosopher who wears her learning lightly, McCarty is also a fun and generous host who’d rather chat with you over a glass of chardonnay than lecture at you in a classroom. The Philosopher’s Table is a feast for the mind and body. It is a tonic for the soul. It’s a must-read for anyone who cares about good conversation, good food, and how to live a good life.”

Andrew D. Kaufman, Author of Give War And Peace A Chance

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