Media Coverage

“This is How Homemade Wisdom for Troubled Times Can Help Us Now”
by Andrew Kaufman

November 20 2018

Interview with Chris Boros at WMRA
November 12 2018

Interview with Jeff McKee at Boomtown Richmond
November 7 2018

Interview downloads as an MP3 file

A tribute to Leaving 1203: "Mid-Term Re-Centering"
by Maria Ruth
November 4 2018

Interview with Brian Keena on WTJU
November 2 2018

Only the interview portion is currently available.

Book Review in Richmond’s Boomer Magazine
by Martha Steger

October-November 2018 Issue

McCarty Mines the Treasures and Tragedies of What’s Left Behind”
by Bryan McKenzie, The Daily Progress
October 6 2018