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    • Happy Birthday to The Bright Light That Is Malala

      Malala demonstrates that it’s possible to chip away at seemingly insurmountable problems. She embodies the empowerment that comes with forgiveness. She breaks entrenched stereotypes as a Muslim feminist. She refutes complacency through personal commitment and action. And she is one person.

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  • Marietta’s Past Events Showcase

    • Marietta's interview on The Diane Rehm Show about Little Big Minds, her best-selling book on the importance of bringing philosophy to children

  • Meet with Marietta

    Philosophy in the Garden
    September 23, 2017 from 2-4pm
    Staunton, VA

  • Personalized Books Available

    Signed and personalized copies of all three books by Marietta are now available through Stone Soup Books. Contact us here with the details of your request. Books can be picked up in the Charlottesville/Waynesboro VA area as well as shipped worldwide.