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    • My Lessons from Prison

      Inmates at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women can earn a two-year community college degree, beneficiaries of Doris Buffett’s incredible Sunshine Foundation. The week before our class, they read about Courage and Humanity from Little Big Minds. Their assignment was to be prepared with their own definitions of these concepts and with questions for me. They were so much more than prepared. They were amazing. Eager, respectful of each other and the professor and me, smart, honest, inquisitive, articulate, grateful for their educations, responsible for their lives past and future and focused on the present.

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  • Marietta’s Past Events Showcase

    • Marietta's interview on The Diane Rehm Show about Little Big Minds, her best-selling book on the importance of bringing philosophy to children
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    Signed and personalized copies of all three books by Marietta are now available through Stone Soup Books. Contact us here with the details of your request. Books can be picked up in the Charlottesville/Waynesboro VA area as well as shipped worldwide.