Marietta McCarty

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Leaving 1203

by Marietta McCarty


Oh Happy Day to six months of Leaving 1203!

The Virginia Home celebrates its 125th anniversary as Leaving 1203 turns half a year old. I’ll tell stories from youthful days that I spent visiting with residents at The Home—some of which are included in Leaving 1203—and pay tribute to this special place.

I’ve learned powerful lessons in 6 months of traveling with my book. People of all ages and areas share a love of and a longing for home. One story leads to another and we’re wrapped together through memories and love. We have so much in common despite any apparent differences. Feeling that we belong satisfies us deep down.

Thank you. Every reader’s note and each conversation in person leave me refreshed, joyful, and with faith in the future. And the beat goes on.

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The story of home is one that everyone knows, and it waits, with its memories and lessons, to come alive again.
— Leaving 1203: Emptying a Home, Filling the Heart