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Leaving 1203

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Little Big Minds

Media Coverage

Interview on the Diane Rehm Show
February 15, 2007 (Replayed May 28, 2007)

Marietta speaks at The Clinton Presidential Library
November 8, 2007

Interview on “Maine Calling” on Maine Public Radio
with host Keith Shortall on June 12, 2017


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How Philosophy Can Save Your Life

Media Coverage

Interview on WMRA's Virginia Insight
with host Tom Graham
April 14, 2014, Central Virginia National Public Radio (NPR)

Review on Psychology Today (February 1, 2010)
          If your book club likes to talk about ideas more than plotlines, this optimistic and pragmatic how-to should be next on your list. In each of 10 chapters, McCarty explains a ‘big idea,’ such as Flexibility or Possibility, then offers discussion questions and meditative exercises (spend time with water to understand Serenity). The 4 philosophers she quotes and the artists whose works she urges you to sample are surprisingly diverse. Cat Power has as much to offer as Camus. McCarty’s enthusiasm for human achievement and potential is contagious. She encourages fun and sociable self- improvement-enlightenment for the yoga-averse. – Sonya Sobieski.

Interview on With Good Reason (NPR)
with host Sarah McConnell
January 2010, Virginia

Boston Sunday Globe (December 27, 2009)
Self-help always becomes even more fascinating when it’s backed by a little scholarship. In ‘How Philosophy Can Save Your Life: 10 Ideas That Matter Most,’ Marietta McCarty assistant professor of philosophy at Piedmont Virginia Community College and best-selling author of “Little Big Minds: Sharing Philosophy with Kids’ reveals how studying the greatest thinkers of our time can change your life for the better.
          McCarty divides her book into 10 chapters, each dealing with one of the big ideas she feels are necessary for a good life: simplicity, communication, perspective, flexibility, empathy, individuality, belonging, serenity, possibility, and joy. Full of personal anecdotes, each chapter explores the topic at hand with the help of two or more philosophers.
          For instance, when it comes to perspective, you can broaden yours by taking a tip from Mary Wollstonecraft, who saw past the mores of her society and refused to limit herself to conventional women’s roles. Instead of being wary of change, you can learn to be flexible, embracing the new and living in the now as Alan Watts advised.
          McCarty is spirited and funny, and she gives you help in implementing all you’re learning by providing thoughtful discussion questions, and even a little homework under amusing topic headlines like Listen and Hum, Recite and Write, Read and Talk, Watch and Reflect, and Get Up and Do. Want to find serenity in your life? Get out and garden. Need a new appreciation of joy? Go to a place ‘that makes your heart sing’ or listen to Vivaldi’s ‘The Four Seasons’ to reflect on how each season is musically exhilarating.
          McCarty’s devotion to philosophy is obvious, and her tone is so conversational that it’s nearly impossible not to get enthusiastic too. ‘Entertaining new ideas can transform lifestyles’ she says, and this book – push-ups for your mind – most definitely makes you see and understand your world and yourself differently. - Carolyn Leavitt


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The Philosopher's Table

Media Coverage

Virginia Insight on WMRA, National Public Radio (NPR)
with host Tom Graham
August 22, 2013, Central Virginia Radio

Virginia This Morning on WTVR 6
with host Jessica Noll
Friday, October 4, 2013 

Central Time on Wisconsin Public Radio
with hosts Rob Ferrett and Veronica Rueckert

September 2, 2013, Wisconsin Public Radio

Virginia Professional Communicators Chooses Marietta McCarty as Newsmaker 2014


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