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Leaving 1203

by Marietta McCarty


Happy New Year and Happy Three-Month Birthday to Leaving 1203!

It’s been a lovely ride so far with this book, from its opening in Richmond to WMRA’s Books and Brews series, from 1203-themed parties to wholesome reader responses. I’m learning so much along the way, listening to heartfelt stories of other cherished homes and hard transitions, other testimonies to close relationships and tender memories. While I expected the book’s appeal to those touched by home emptying, I’m delighted at its embrace as a guide for good living here and now. Indeed, in his compelling article writer Andrew Kaufman terms it “homemade wisdom for troubled times.” Laughter as well marks every book event, a timeout taken for fun and remembering. A shout-out to my singer-songwriter cousin Jonathan for his performance in Richmond of my mother’s lyrics, which I discovered in a kitchen drawer during home emptying. Give a listen to “Hello, Spring,” Jonathan’s bluesy take on just one of his aunt’s songs.

My 2019 book tour opens in the Jacksonville, Florida area in February and continues along the Crystal Coast in North Carolina—the ocean calls! I can’t wait to return to Richmond in April to The Virginia Home. More NPR interviews are coming up soon.

All in all, thanks to one and all.

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The story of home is one that everyone knows, and it waits, with its memories and lessons, to come alive again.
— Leaving 1203: Emptying a Home, Filling the Heart