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Parenting Now: An Interview

I invite you to listen or view our conversation. Being mindful of the swirl of busyness and stopping it…learning to concentrate and listen so that good conversation can happen…talking about key ideas that will serve children (and adults) well as building blocks for good living...expressing appreciation for life’s abundant simple pleasures...growing in gratitude…valuing the give-and-take of genuine communication—just a sampling of our lively, spontaneous dialogue.

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Busy Is Boring

“I was too busy.” “I am so busy.” “I will be busier than ever.” Suddenly phrases likes these strike me, more than ever, as at best inaccurate, and at worst self-important. The “busy” excuse rolls off tongues…just listen for it. Count the times in a day you hear or say it. But I have never, ever, heard someone with great responsibilities, much to do, complain about being too busy—they are getting it done, each thing receiving the amount of attention it deserves.

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