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Ode to the Human Body

Tis true that I’m easily awed. Upon reflection it seems that I reserved my amazement for what I thought of as the “natural world”: Hummingbird wings flapping, dolphins gamboling, the Grand Canyon opening, a redwood stretching. Now I experience awe in the very near presence of a part of the natural world that I will never again take for granted. Praise the majesty of the human body.

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Birds and a Broken Arm

“It’s a shame you’re missing this beautiful Spring,” not a few friends remarked, witnesses to my broken arm suffered at the beginning of April. Actually, I’ve never, ever been as much a part of this time of re-greening—present to each new color and scent, homebound yet traveling in nature’s unfolding. What I remember best, and hopefully always, was gradually becoming a part of the world of birds. I healed to their tune, absorbed in their ways.

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