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A Fresh Take On Success

One of philosophy’s charms for me is the opportunity to think, as if for the first time, about the meaning of ideas essential to good living. What is good living? What is persistence? What is possibility? What is belonging? What is empathy? This constant reexamination widens our perspective and guards against our falling into the trap of stale assumptions and preconceptions. I can think of no idea that begs for rethinking more than the concept of success. What is it?

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Essential Conversations for Any Educator

We considered the truth about education and success together. In The Philosopher’s Table I write: “The root of education suggests a process of bringing forward, leading up, drawing out. I picture individuals climbing a steep hill together, teachers and students in spry pursuit of knowledge. The word conveys positive images, this movement forward, up, and out so we can stand on higher ground.” We took off from this small start. I asked that they think back on a powerful learning experience in their lives, in or out of the classroom, what they learned and why it remains memorable. Interestingly, one common theme emerged: failure taught marvelous lessons. Not knowing knocks on the door of knowledge. Loss gives birth to victory. As the school year plays out, thoughts hopefully will return to the meaning of teacher, of student, of education.

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