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One Indie Bookstore

My fourth Philosopher’s Lunch Table of this year was this past Saturday, December 13. I chose to celebrate Stone Soup in my talk—the place embodies every single topic of my book The Philosopher’s Table: The community that comes with breaking bread, persistence and grace, learning through conversation, love, simple pleasures, ecological mindfulness, embracing change and daring, good decision-making…the beat goes on. Stone Soup is a haven. Roam the streets of Paris and lively chatter wafts through the doors of “café-philos,” eateries guaranteeing philosophical discussions over breakfast and/or lunch. Ideas matter. Communication matters. Soulful invigoration fuels like a chocolate croissant. A small town in the Central Virginia Valley has for a bit longer its very own such spot for convivial, comfortable conversation. Saturday I arrived at 11:30 and left with the last dining philosophers at 4:30. I’ve never seen a closing business bustling with cheerful patrons and eager employees.

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