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An Open Mind Is Empty

Mental clarity makes a true friend for life, showing up at every turn. The contents of our minds drive our lives—whatever shape it’s in, the mind is behind the steering wheel of our thoughts and actions. I know from experience about this friendship and count on it. I also know that mental clarity can play a devilish game of hide and seek—that maintaining clarity takes work and persistence. We’re lost without it. Confusion leads us blindly, nowhere, bad wheres.

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What's Philosophy Got to Do with It? Everything!

Author and Philosopher Marietta McCarty answers five questions about the value of philosophy in this guest blog that appears on In both of your philosophy books for adults, you discuss the role that philosophy can play in everyday life. What was your inspiration for taking this “grass roots” approach? My study of philosophy in college was exhilarating, liberating, and a true liftoff. It seeped into my every day easily, unasked ...

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