What's Philosophy Got to Do with It? Everything!

Happy philosophers after discussion of “A Fruitful Ecological Solution,” set in Kenya. Here are five very good questions I was asked about the value of philosophy. I love good questions! Thanks to EnableEducation.com for the guest blog opportunity.


In both of your philosophy books for adults, you discuss the role that philosophy can play in everyday life. What was your inspiration for taking this “grass roots” approach?

My study of philosophy in college was exhilarating, liberating, and a true liftoff. It seeped into my every day easily, unasked. Leaving it behind after graduation was never a possibility. I couldn’t imagine living without an inner sanctuary filled with what British philosopher Bertrand Russell termed “goods of the mind.” A questioning intellect continuously arranged and rearranged my priorities and corrected errors, just as previous insights steadied me during difficulties ... Read more.